Monolit is a large, privately-owned, Romanian real estate developer with an emphasis on prime and exclusive locations.

For the past 25 years we have initiated, developed or built some of the most prestigious projects in Bucharest and other cities throughout Romania.

The core focus remains on greenfield initiatives, but we will also look at regeneration projects where the concept enables quick turnaround and above-market yields.

We have a classical “design-build-operate-finance” approach. However, we treat each project with a high degree of investment flexibility. Strategic partners are often brought into large initiatives very early on, especially international developers or investors that are willing to coinvest alongside an experienced and reputable local partner. 

Dragos Dobrescu - Founder and CEO

“Over the past 25 years we have worked tirelessly to achieve the reputation of a truly visionary and innovative real estate company. We continue to strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We are excited about our current projects and are convinced that Monolit will continue to play a significant and positive role in shaping up the metropolis of tomorrow.”

  • 1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010
  • 2015+


Development of housing units across Bucharest

Acquisition of several freeholds

Investment into conversion and regeneration projects, especially retail

Mid-market focus


Shift in emphasis towards large projects

Focus on exclusive freehold properties

First major office and mixed-use developments

Major partnerships with international developers


Asset portfolio development

Construction of several landmark buildings across Bucharest

Emphasis on exclusive – one-of-a-kind properties


Diversification into very large greenfield projects:

Medical care - especially assisted living facilities for the elderly

Hospitality & Hotels – several 4 and 5-star greenfield projects underway

Mid-market retail – with a focus on cities outside Bucharest

Our vision

We are passionate about out-of-the-box thinking. Our vision has always been to bring new architectural concepts to life and produce projects that change the skyline.

We generate high-quality initiatives that are unique in design but also offer significant value for money.

Our strategy is to think ahead and think big, so that we can create long term value and above-market yields.

We work with some of the best local and international architects and designers that share our passion for the unconventional. 

While we readily embrace visionary concepts, we are equally keen on protecting the environment. Environmental friendliness and eco-responsibility are at the heart of each project taking great care that national and European environmental legislation is rigorously enforced. 

Our forward-thinking projects are already making a difference, in a positive, responsible and visionary way!